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    • 100% reduction in household CO2/reduction for normal outdoor lighting (all solar outdoor lighting).
    • 100% LEDs (except appliance and odd lights).
    • 65% of all lights are attached to an occupancy sensor switches (auto off/manual on).
    • Thousands of dollars in saving

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August 17, 2012



As I have said SunPower's techinical stuff seems great but thier process is stinks. I hope it is resolved now.


I'm curious Aaron about going directly to the power company. My situation is a lease and while that means they get all the tax credits and they own the system since it has been so long, over 7 months, my lease has expired. So based on that I wonder if I can go to the power company and bypass them. Thoughts?

brandon benkosky

Kimberly, Have you gone to the power company? I am in the same situation as you. Waiting for a notice to proceed. My leased system has been on the roof for almost 2 months now... I am so frustrated.

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