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Summary of progress

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    • 100% reduction in household CO2/reduction for normal outdoor lighting (all solar outdoor lighting).
    • 100% LEDs (except appliance and odd lights).
    • 65% of all lights are attached to an occupancy sensor switches (auto off/manual on).
    • Thousands of dollars in saving

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October 19, 2008



Nice postings, How much and what type of switches do you buy?

Aaron Baranoff

I used the Leviton’s IPP15-1LW Decora Occupancy Sensors.

I started with 10 and then bought 8 more.

Shop around prices vary a lot the first group of 10 was bought on Ebay for less then $10 each. They latter ones were bought for less then $25 each.



Thanks, I just bought one at homedepot for $25. It is the one with one button to turn on the lights and will auto turnoff after 30 minutes if unoccupied. It does not have any adjustment to set your own shut off time. Did yours? I also bought a kill a watt gadget to measure the wattage usage arount the house. My one year old frig uses 2.6 KW-hours a day, so roughly .25 cents a day to operate. I will post what I measure for my other power hungry things around my house.

Aaron Baranoff

Mine has an adjustment. If yours is the same it is under a panel between the IR sensor and the switch button.

Note: One pull it off after you have the cover plate over the switch removed otherwise there is not enough room to pull it off.


I just pulled of the little panel on mine and it does not have any adjustments or dip switches. I guess that is okay, 30 minutes seems to be fine. How many minutes do you have your switches set for? I just checked my garage fridge (10 year old unit) and after 215 hours it used 20.85 KW-Hours- averaging 2.3 KW-hours a day. Better than my newer kitchen fridge which was 2.6. Both my fridges are 25 Cubic FT side/ side. Even tho my fridge in the garage is older it does not get open nearly as often, which I guess makes the most difference.

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