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    • 100% reduction in household CO2/reduction for normal outdoor lighting (all solar outdoor lighting).
    • 100% LEDs (except appliance and odd lights).
    • 65% of all lights are attached to an occupancy sensor switches (auto off/manual on).
    • Thousands of dollars in saving

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September 27, 2009


Joe Otten

Is the ground source heat pump an option for you?

Joseph Winn

I don't know if you've already thought/done this yet, but my wife and I knocked out ~80kwh/month from hang-drying our laundry instead of using the electric dryer. Our electric dryer uses around 4~5 kwh per load and we typically have 4 loads/week. The hang-drying laundry works suprisingly well in our stairway-hallway as it only takes 1 day (2 now that its getting colder) to dry. Throwing in a fan, the evaporative drying gives a bonus slight cooling effect in the summer.

We average 13kwh/day in our 2 story 2 bedroom townhome on days without A/C usage --just at the summer baseline. We drove this down from nixing the dryer, auto-shutdown the home-theatre computer each night, and timering the reservoired coffee maker

Our circa 1999 fridge takes 3kwh/ equivalent new one would approach 1kw/day. But the fridge still works well, and the home has other more pressing improvements to be done so we'll see.

Aaron Baranoff

Thanks for the input. We do hang our laundry in the laundry room.

The fridge replacement is next. Hopefully year end.

Eventually I want to replace our AC system.

Aaron Baranoff

Ground source heat pump would be very expensive in this area.

New AC system and Solar would be good.

Our heating costs and hot water costs are very very low. We average 0.66 therms in the winter and half that in the summer. At less typically less then $20 per month this is a non-issue.

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