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August 17, 2012


Doug LaFave

I'm also waiting for a Notice to Proceed from Sunpower. 45 days and counting. In the meantime, SDGE is not giving me any credit for the power generated. Just got the bill for October and got charged for the full 1,197 kwH when the net was only about 250 kwH. Should note that Sunpower hasn't billed me for the system yet either, so it's not like I paid for it already.

Getting a little frustrated though with how long it takes Sunpower to bundle and sell these leases. Mostly I'm just disappointed because we were expecting this to be our first tiny electric bill.


Give then grief and you might want to o directly to SDGE and file for your permission to operate that will also give you leverage with SunPower. Make sure you did not sign anything that would cause you a headache if you bypass SunPower.


I am glad I am not the only one having issues with Sunpower! I waited 4 months after I signed my lease for the panels to be installed. They just finished today and now I find out it may be another 4 months until they give me the NTP. How ridiculous! Any advice you guys have let me know.


Sorry to hear SunPower is still moving in reverse...if you did not sign any papers saying explicitly that you would not then go right to the power company and bypass SunPower. Make sure you post often to their Facebook website and embarrass them into doing the right thing. Before you do anything make sure it is inspected.


purchased a new build home from richmond american with solar installed. waited two and a half months only to find out that the PTO was never completed by Sunpower. causing me both money and time to get this resolved.

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