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    • 100% reduction in household CO2/reduction for normal outdoor lighting (all solar outdoor lighting).
    • 100% LEDs (except appliance and odd lights).
    • 65% of all lights are attached to an occupancy sensor switches (auto off/manual on).
    • Thousands of dollars in saving

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November 15, 2012


Tyrone Brick

Well, opting to have solar powered home can certainly cut your electric bill or even significantly lower the consumption of electricity in your home. But how's it going so far with your co-workers? Are there any changes with their electric bill?


I will let you know after that get a little time under their belts.

Sabrina Garza

I agree with you Tyrone. Actually, opting for solar power as your energy source will not only save you the dime, it will also help save the planet. For one, the electricity it generates doesn’t produce greenhouse gases. Anyway, are there any updates, Aaron?


My system is performing great. Two of the other folks at work are also up and running. Two others got their NTPs and are waiting for SCE to give them their PTOs. One more is having the install this week.

So, maybe SunPower finally took their process moving.


brandon benkosky

I am waiting for notice to proceed... 30 days now. I really hope I dont have to wait 60 more days... the expencive power months are comming.

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